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1 A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.

2 The rich and the poor have this in common, the Lord is the maker of them all. Proverbs 22: 1-2 KJV

IMMPACT Christian Business And Professional Magazine is family-owned and operates in Temple Terrace, FL. Since opening in 2007, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 

IMMPACT Business And Professional Magazine celebrates and highlights the many aspects of Business and Christian Life. IMMPACT is NOT a "Fluff" Publication. We do not subscribe to Gossip, Ill-Manners towards anyone or any organization. IMMPACT is only interested in providing information as encouragement, inspiration and motivation, to our readers, subscribers and those who are just "about our Father's Business.", without malice or any type of negativity


​Our mission is to share and present empowering stories of IMMPACTFUL encouragement from everyday men and women who have been confronted with challenges along the way to their success; and to inspire others as a means of providing insight with integrity and sincerity. 


Every day Men and Women of Courage step out and climb the Valleys to reach the mountain top and have had to cling onto the sides of boulders in order to reach their objectives. Yet with bruised hands and hearts, they moved forward! If this is You or someone you know, Share IMMPACT with them and Help others to reach within themselves to be all that they have been destined to be. 


If you have a story that you wish to share with others who may feel they are in challenges which at the moment appear to be overwhelming; if you are feeling ALONE, IMMPACT is here for you! IMMPACT celebrates your victory and seeks to showcase professionals and individuals who have "Beaten The Odds". 


The story you share may have such a powerful IMMPACT on someone else who may be contemplating an end to what only they can grasp the significance of for a moment! TELL and SHARE Your story! The life it IMMPACTS may be closer than you realize! 


Contributing Authors and writers may submit their journey through articles, books and stories which provide insight and views as to how they became successful and victorious!

Vel Johnson is Founder & CEO of Vasaj Communications, Inc., a full-service Public Relations Consultancy based in Orlando, Florida.
Born in Germany, Vel grew up entrenched in the military culture and lifestyle, with a family transferring to several states and bases throughout her childhood. 
Currently residing in Central Florida, the Public Relations Strategist keeps a keen focus on providing carefully crafted approaches to developing and nurturing the launch of new businesses, and working to alleviate critical challenges for those hoping to get back on the growth track.
Driven by values of integrity, innovation, and experience, Vasaj Communications embraces a commitment to getting things done right the first time. 
​​When asked about specific entrepreneurial challenges and successes, Vel recalls her decision to move to Orlando, and the subsequent start of her public relations consultancy. 
From my upbringing, I developed an ease with transitioning to new places, while learning about different cultures, and meeting new people, recounts Vel. “But deciding to just interrupt a fruitful career path, leave good friends, sell a beautiful home, and move to a new city, truly required intestinal fortitude, inspiration, and a huge leap of faith,” she continues. 
“Starting and running the business wasn’t easy in the beginning. However, I believe nothing worthwhile should be. But who would’ve known we were headed into the greatest economic downturn since World War II?!”
“Many companies no longer had the marketing, advertising, and public relations budgets they once did. This made things a little challenging for my industry. However, I was able to use these difficult times to develop strategy, share and learn from others, and unlock untapped strengths and abilities to enhance my brand. I guess you could say the impact on the economy was a major force for my entrepreneurial growth. Ultimately, what was seen as a very challenging time for our country helped empower me to be the businesswoman I am today.”  
The work of Vasaj Communications benefits local communities with significant impact on political campaigns, business growth & development, and special events. Proudly serving for more than 8 years, Vasaj Communications clients currently span the east coast from Central Florida to New York City.  
To learn more about Vasaj Communications, visit or email
There may be topics presented in IMMPACT which may not agree
with your thoughts; we appreciate and welcome your feedback and/or comments. However, it is NOT our mission to destroy or antagonize anyone for their beliefs and/or causes.  

First and foremost, We are a Professional Publication and will always do all we can to uphold the values and objectives of providing interesting material which we hope will Encourage, Inspire, Motivate and Enhance your life. 
Chief Operation Officer
OUR STORY - Zack Snacks  - Where Nutritious Meets Delicious!

IMMPACTFUL READING For Fall and Holiday 2021

Don't ever let what "they" say make you feel that you are put into a box and that there is no escape. If you want something bad enough and if you work hard enough
to achieve it, there is NO force greater than you that will deter, distract and/or prohibit you from being the you that God had already Pre-Ordained you to become! Here is the story of a young woman who has achieved everything she dreamed of and so much more! She is NOT the statistic that was stamped on her like a Letter of defeat! She has managed to create her own statistics and with resounding effects for all she encounters. She has a legacy in place and it is quickly growing beyond what "they"
thought was ever possible and she will do more!
Who is she? Well you will have to wait for the next 2017 Issue of IMMPACT to learn about her fantastic journey and how she broke records and refused to let her circumstances dictate her future; how she became more than anyone ever thought because of her circumstances and where she is today on her focused path.
From The Killer's Eyes
Nothing really happens in the small town of Somers. That is until three unidentified bodies are found along a ditch. What’s even more alarming is a fourth victim has just been discovered. Detective Brian Callaghan and his partner Don Sterling race to find the killer.
Will they catch the killer in time or will they be forced to watch as the killings continue?
Shift From Broken To Breathtaking
To make the Shift from Broken to Breathtaking you have to look in the mirror and learn how to love every imperfection in your life—because each one has a purpose. Each imperfection has treasure hidden beneath the surface, if you don’t let what happens to you break you, but instead, let it break open what is in you. It took many years for me to learn this lesson. As you read my story you will know that no matter what you are going through there is always hope for tomorrow.
Your heart, mind and soul will begin to shift as you see things that once broke me turn into breathtaking victories. At the end of each chapter, I challenge you to think about the “imperfections” I share in my story and “look in the mirror” at your own. Take every challenge, and I promise you that by the time you finish reading Shift from Broken to Breathtaking, you will understand how the imperfections in your life can make you, not break you, because each one gives you power to become everything you were created to be.
Dare To Succeed
Get the motivation and the information you need to rise up to the next level of success! No matter what line of work you're in, the marketplace constantly challenges you. No matter how savvy an entrepreneur or skilled a professional you are, you risk losing ground every day you don't push forward. That's why you need every advantage possible to achieve the prosperity you're after.
Now, America's #1 Success Coach, Jack "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Canfield, has gathered together the top business minds from around the world in one powerful book. This guide to prosperity contains their secret strategies to conquer the competition and bring ongoing abundance into your life.
Dare to achieve your greatest ambitions. Dare to break through to new levels of professional and personal accomplishment. Dare to discover the happiness and fulfillment you've always wanted to attain. Dare to Succeed-and dare to live your dream.
The Edge Of Leadership:  
The Edge of Leadership is a superb manual that aims at contributing to the development of human and institutional capacity through holistic or sustainable leadership; Leadership which is for the benefit of the leader, followers and society.
It's a guidebook that could set the world with regards to business leadership and human interface, on the same plain. It fills a certain void in the leadership application processes, by combining basic principles and methodologies of leadership with Life Lessons.
These life lessons help to address many of the leadership problems we see today. Many leaders do not "fail" because of skill, experience or intelligence but due to lack of wisdom. This book is a powerful resource which offers fresh concepts, insights and inspiration that can definitely revolutionize the face of leadership.
Let’s get this valuable tool in the right hands - Your hands!
The Ultimate Leader
The Ultimate Leader: Learning, Leading and Leaving a Legacy of Hope is a guidebook to performing at your optimum level. It will Energize your Mind, Body & Soul and strengthen you for the journey ahead.
The best leaders lead from the inside out. They practice holistic leadership. They lead with Authenticity, Humility, Integrity and Hope—The Pillars of Leadership. Lo